An example of Dave's dry humour and humility

Created by Nicole Thornton one year ago

I remember a time at the very start of my career as a scientist at IBGRL in Red Cell Reference, Dave used to pop in to the lab, usually to talk to Joyce about "an idea he had".  On this particular occasion, I had the contents of a lab freezer on a trolley to deposit in the walk-in freezer whilst de-icing said lab freezer (glamorous life of a junior scientist!) and Dave walked in to the lab and it was at that very moment that the wheel came of my trolley and the boxes of rare antisera were about to hit the floor.  I was mortified that I was in this predicament in the the presence of the great Dave Anstee!!  It was at this point that Dave casually walked over to the lab bookshelf and plucked his "big blue book" (Applied Blood Group Serology by Issitt, P.D.; Anstee, D.J.) off the shelf and came over to the trolley I was trying to keep upright and shoved the book under where the wheel should have been and said to me "I knew that would come in handy for something".

I have been at IBGRL for just over 21 years now and I still remember that moment fondly.