A wonderful colleague

Created by Sara one year ago

Dave Anstee was a brilliant man. Also kind, supportive and had a wicked dry wit. At his 50 Years at NHSBT celebration there were countless stories of how he supported people on their academic journeys, never pulling up the ladder behind him. Particularly notable was the representation of women at the celebration, especially older women scientists, many of whom he had championed and found financial support in an era where funded maternity leave was unheard of. Without which many would not have been able to contribute as they did. He never judged you by what you didn't know- just supported your learning and encouraged. You would feel listened to and appreciated however junior you were. It was an immense honour to have worked with him and we can all aspire to lead with such humanity and humility. 

Sara Trompeter

Consultant Haematologist UCLH and NHSBT