Joyce Poole 9th November 2021

Dave's career and mine in the world of red cells started around the same time, his in Bristol and mine in London. As such I knew him as a leader in the field from a young age. In later years when we worked together I loved the way he would come into my office to chat and a small idea would be discussed at length and with great enthusiasm and on more than one occasion resulted in a significant novel finding. His brilliance as a scientist shone through and he was always willing to share his knowledge. A highlight of my career was was when Dave was tasked with organising a session at the ISBT in Jerusalem and he chose me to be one of his speakers. No pressure then !! At the same meeting I have fond memories of Dave and I going on a day trip to the Dead Sea and him afloat - with his hat on - and also covered head to toe in Dead Sea mud - still with his hat on! Dave was not only a brilliant scientist but he was great fun too. Sent to me from colleagues in Israel “ He was a true giant in our field and we are all his students - he will definitely be missed. These are sad times for the Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology communities” From Dr Carolyn Giles formerly head of red cell reference IBGRL “He was a real hero, such a nice man whose brilliance as a scientist still remains a strong memory. A sad loss.” I couldn’t put these tributes from others better myself Joyce Poole Formerly Head of Red Cell Reference IBGRL